Cinema Versus Dr. Caligari: Authority Gone Mad

Fair warning, I will be spoiling Robert Weine’s 1920 German Expressionist classic THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI in this blog entry. The film is nearly 100 years old, and you probably already know the story. If you HAVEN’T seen it though, then go do that. Right now. It’s on Netflix. Anyway, enjoy!

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You knew I was going to be talking about this movie eventually. It’s in my banner for godsake!

Safety is an important thing for people. We all like the security of knowing that, as we go about our daily lives, we have nothing to be afraid of. We, as a people, have conquered the beasts and monsters that may have threatened our great, great ancestors, though we may still tell tales of dragons and trolls and goblins. We never really faced these things, but it is safe to say that there are creatures out in nature that could threaten us. That is why we have doors on our houses. The things that go bump int he night are not meant to open our doors,  just as our locks are not meant to be picked. We needn’t fear intruders, because that is what society tells us. Society has rules that keep us safe. A code of conduct that everyone obeys. Heck, even vampires have to be invited in.

But what about when all that breaks down? When someone breaks the rules? When someone tears down the veil that society has created for us to invoke terror? What happens when the person doing this is someone we thought we could trust?

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Cinema Versus Dave

Hi everyone, welcome to this very first post for that fledgling blog known as Cinema Versus. I’m Dave (aka the guy that thinks his writing is worth reading), and considering that I just recorded a “thing” with Aaron West from Criterion Blues/Criterion Close-Up, I figured it would probably be for the best to get this derelict site up and running. But obviously, every blog writer struggles with what their first topic should be about. This is an introduction into my mind, my writings, and everything that will come after this. So where to begin, other than my favorite topic: me.

My name is Dave Eves, and I like movies. ‘Like’ is perhaps a bit of an understatement, as after my girlfriend, family, friends, and cats, movies would probably be the most important thing in my life. I would say I’ve seen quite a few films in my life, though you dear reader may have seen more, I’d still like to think that I have something interesting to say about them (or at the very least, like the sound of my own writing enough to justify this whole… thing). Aside from watching movies, I also fancy myself a filmmaker, you know, the unsuccessful kind. I’ve made short films like this one, or this one, or maybe this one, and even this one, you know, in case you wanted to watch one. I also think I’m pretty good at screenwriting, but that’s not REALLY what this blog is about. I’m hear to talk about movies, good, bad, ridiculous, insane, and hopefully not just ones made by yours truly.

In my opinion, the world of cinema is like a tapestry. Anything that has been made or seen has a thread in this tapestry, whether the filmmaker is Ingmar Bergman or Michael Bay, Orson Welles or Ed Wood, Stanley Kubrick or Tommy Wisseau, they all have their place. Now, I’m not a critic, and I’m not going to pretend to be one, so instead, what this blog is going to be is not so much a critique of films, but more so an examination of the aspects of cinema, where films and their filmmakers lie within the tapestry, what makes scenes important, and what as a whole makes cinema an art form that has captured the imaginations of audiences across the world for over a century. So, without further adieu, I’m going to hit publish on this rambling entry and get the ball rolling on this blog. I hope to see you all reading and liking my posts, and sending them off to all your friends and family, printing them and framing them on your walls, you know, normal stuff, but most importantly, I hope you like what I have to say. See you soon